Event Lead Capture
for sales teams

Whether it’s a small local event or a huge, global trade show, manning the exhibition booth can be tough. When it comes to capturing new leads, you need an intuitive, reliable tool that will allow you to collect the qualifying information you need, quickly and accurately.

Integrate Events joins the dots between meeting someone at an event, and the rest of your sales process. It's a lead capture solution to use at all your events, to make your job easier during and after the event.

Before the event

An event lead capture process that works

Collaborate with your colleagues in marketing and events to create a joined-up lead capture approach. Work with your marketing team to build a fully-branded, customisable lead capture process, so you can ask the right questions on the show-floor, and help your team look better than your competition.

Learn how to get the best value from Integrate Events during hands-on training sessions conducted by our product experts.

During the event

An intuitive, powerful tool for all your events

For mobile and tablet, the fully customisable Integrate Events app allows you to scan business cards, attendee badges and collect contact details alongside that all-important qualifying information. Bring your own device, with no need to learn a new event app at every show you attend.

Identify hot leads immediately, and send event leads straight into your CRM to start the post event follow up process, all from the show floor.

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After the event

Fast, relevant follow-up

Forget about remembering who you spoke to, struggling to read your scribbles on the back of business cards or waiting for the spreadsheet of badge scans to arrive.

Integrate Events automates processes and reduces admin. Your lead data is ready and waiting, so you can view, access and take action with them whenever you want. Funnel hot leads straight into your CRM ready for follow-up, whilst moving warm leads into your existing marketing workflows.


Close deals faster

Integrate Events equips you with the data you need to finally analyze the success of your events. Work out which members of the sales team perform best at events - and reward accordingly.

Review Event Qualified Leads in your marketing automation or CRM pipeline, track your team performance back to a particular show and measure that all important event ROI. Make data-driven decisions about the future events you exhibit at - from the biggest trade shows to small tabletop events.

Integrate Events for Sales

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Set up lead capture forms

Streamline your event preparation with one tool to use at all your events. Work with your marketing colleagues to set up your lead capture form ahead of time, and set the exact questions you'll ask prospects you meet on the show floor.

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A lead capture tool for all your events

Create branded, customisable lead capture forms. Scan business cards, attendee badges, and complete your fully digital lead capture form, to collect the information that will help you follow up quickly and easily.

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No Wi-fi? No problem

Don’t get let-down by patchy event Wi-Fi. Integrate Events works online and offline, for Android and iOS devices so you can use Integrate Events at any event, anywhere in the venue. Collect leads at your booth, during networking drinks, at talks and seminars - even in the coffee queue.

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Fast, personal follow-up after the event

Sync your leads into your CRM or marketing automation system, so they're ready for you to follow-up with straight after the event. Get in touch before your competitors have a chance to speak to them.

Integrate Events integrates with the tools you use every day

Manage all your leads in one place. Connect Integrate Events with your existing solutions and integrate event leads into your sales and marketing workflows.

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Customer Success Stories

See how sales and marketing teams use Integrate Events to capture, process and follow-up with leads at events.

Integrate Events has allowed us to drastically improve the quality of leads we collect at events and has enabled our sales team and others to just have better quality conversations with potential customers at events.”
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Profile image of Rachel
Rachel Moore
International Events Manager,
Integrate Events gives us the flexibility we need to capture leads efficiently and the support is great.”
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Profile image of Sofie
Sofie Bauters
Sales Lead Manager,
Integrate Events is very quick and easy to use, which makes it popular with our sales teams. The marketing team find it easy to customise for each event, which has made it much more effective as a lead capture tool.”
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Profile image of Fiona
Fiona Dunford
Marketing Director,
Bureau van Dijk