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Integrate Events turns real-time conversations into qualified leads and accelerated revenue, by connecting events with your marketing stack.

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Trusted by sales and marketing teams around the world

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Events are a huge opportunity

Events are the #1 lead generation tactic for 75% of B2B marketers.

Why? Events provide a unique opportunity to speak with potential customers face-to-face.

But for many businesses, the conversation starts and ends on the show floor. Traditional lead capture methods like business cards, paper forms and rented badge scanners result in missing leads, long delays and lost revenue.

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Events are disconnected

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on marketing automation and CRM software, for smart, sophisticated ways to manage leads, track customer journeys and ultimately close deals.

But when it comes to events, there is a huge disconnect.
Traditional lead capture methods mean exhibitors have little control over the data they collect. Even worse, these manual methods result in silos of event leads that rarely find their way back into marketing automation or CRM systems.

This ultimately impacts event-attributed revenue and makes ROI impossible to measure.

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It's time for exhibitors to take the lead

Integrate Events is at the forefront of event lead capture. Working at the intersection of events and MarTech, Integrate events replaces outdated, manual methods, empowering B2B marketing and sales teams to take control of their lead capture process at every event, big or small.

We're changing the way marketers think about events, focusing on qualified leads, accelerated revenue and accurate reporting.

Who uses Integrate Events?

  • Marketing
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    Provide your sales team with the tools they need to capture the best leads at each event. Customize lead capture forms so you collect relevant information and get leads into your CRM or marketing automation systems for fast, efficient follow-up.

  • Sales
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    Collect accurate, relevant information about the people you speak to at events. Streamline your lead capture process and make your job easier during and after the event. Follow-up with your hot leads straight away, so you spend less time waiting and more time selling.

  • Leadership
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    Improve team productivity with a streamlined event lead capture and follow-up process. Attribute revenue back to your events activity, so you can measure and maximize event ROI.

  • CRM
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    Comply with the latest data regulations when collecting new leads. Easily get lead data from the show floor into your existing tools and systems, without spending hours on manual data entry or reconciliation.

Integrate Events has meant 99% accurate lead collection at every event, big or small, and put all of our leads in one place, ready for prompt post-event action.
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What can Integrate Events do for you?

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Different ways to capture leads

Complete fully branded, customizable forms, scan event badges or business cards.

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No Wi-Fi? No problem

Don’t get let-down by inconsistent event Wi-Fi. Integrate Events works online and offline, for Android and iOS devices.

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Secure and compliant data handling

Comply with the latest data regulations 1so you know you’re handling people's personal data in the right way.

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Enterprise level support and training

Dedicated team to help you roll-out Integrate Events in your business and onboard your team, with tailored training to help you succeed at your events.

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Fast, relevant follow-up

While competitors wait around for their data, you can follow-up using the context from your conversation at the show to personalize your message.

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Real-time reports

Get real-time and post-event data to understand your events performance. Measure event ROI and prove the value of your events.

Integrate Events integrates with the tools you use every day

Manage all your leads in one place. Connect Integrate Events with your existing solutions and integrate event leads into your sales and marketing workflows.

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