Connect event leads to your existing workflows

The event is over. But the task of transcribing paper forms and business cards, or manipulating a spreadsheet of badge scan data, now begins.

Integrate Events lets you avoid this headache. By integrating our solution with your existing CRM and marketing automation systems, the leads captured on the show floor can flow directly into existing marketing and sales workflows.

  • Automate manual data entry
  • Attribute leads to events
  • Never lose a lead again
Before the event

Connect Integrate Events with your CRM and marketing automation software

Set up your integration, so leads collected during the event flow through into your existing systems, ready for follow-up. Map the questions on your lead capture form to appropriate fields in your CRM, so you get the right data in the right place.

Bring events out of their silo, to connect your company's events, sales and marketing activities.

During the event

Comply with the latest data regulations

Integrate Events enables you to comply with the latest data regulations so you know you’re handling people's personal data in the right way. 

Your sales team use Integrate Events to capture leads at the event, by scanning business cards, event badges, and completing the fully branded lead capture form. They collect consent for follow-up communications in the app, so you know you're complying with the latest data regulations.

If they're not connected to the internet, leads will be stored on their device until they reconnect, at which time they will sync across to your CRM via your integrations.

After the event

Sales can take action immediately

With all of your event leads in one place, sales and marketing don't have to wait for leads to be typed up into your database, or for you to reconcile their badge scan data so that it can be uploaded into your systems.

This means your sales team have the lead data they need so they can follow-up as soon as they want after the event.

Data-driven event strategy

Analyze and understand the success of your events

Integrate Events equips you with the data you need to finally analyze the success of your events.

Review Event Qualified Leads in your marketing automation or CRM pipeline, track your team performance back to a particular show and attribute revenue to your events.

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Your Events, Sales and Marketing, Connected

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Set up forms and integrations before the event

Map the questions on your lead capture form to appropriate fields in your CRM, so you get the right data in the right place.

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A lead capture tool for all your events

No more paper forms, business cards or rented badge scanners. Integrate Events is the tool your sales and marketing team use for lead capture at events.

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Connect with your existing technology stack

Automatically sync leads connected at events into your CRM or marketing automation software, so you spend less time typing up leads, and your sales team can follow-up faster.

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Secure and compliant data handling

Comply with the latest data regulations so you know you’re handling people's personal data in the right way.

Integrate Events integrates with the tools you use every day

Manage all your leads in one place. Connect Integrate Events with your existing solutions and integrate event leads into your sales and marketing workflows.

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Customer Success Stories

See how marketing and sales teams use Integrate Events to capture, process and follow-up with leads at events.

The beauty of Integrate Events is its simplicity at every stage, from the initial set up of event forms, integration with back end CRM systems, and capturing data at events. With Integrate Events, you take a picture of the business card and it feeds directly into Salesforce."
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Dan Banderet
Event Marketing Manager,
Integrate Events has meant 99% accurate lead collection at every event, big or small, and put all of our leads in one place, ready for prompt post-event action.”
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Profile image of Hilary
Hilary Latham
Head of Marketing Services,
Promega UK
Integrate Events makes it easier for me to keep track of the lead generation process, it makes our sales team look more professional, and makes it easy for me to make sure our reps follow-up promptly after a trade show.”
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Profile image of Yan Liu
Yan Liu
Marketing Communication Specialist,
Bruker Nano Surfaces