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Every B2B marketing channel has become increasingly data-driven and measurable. Except events. With no data to measure performance, allocating budget and maximizing ROI is a never-ending challenge.

Integrate Events is changing the way you think about events. Focusing on qualified leads, accelerated revenue and accurate reporting, it's time to bring events in line with the rest of your sales and marketing strategy.

Save admin time and costs

Do you know how long your teams spend administering the lead retrieval and capture process, every time you exhibit at an event? Typing up lead capture forms and reconciling data in spreadsheets amounts to hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year.

Integrate Events is a fully digital lead capture solution, providing your teams with a consistent approach at every event, big or small. Integrated with your existing marketing automation and CRM systems, Integrate Events provides an automated, streamlined process for quickly getting leads from the show floor into your existing systems, ready for follow-up without spending hours on admin.

Boost conversion rates and accelerate revenue

Integrate Events ensures your teams collect more accurate information on the show floor, with clear qualifying information, agreed next steps and the necessary opt-in requirements for the latest data regulations including GDPR. Automated follow up can begin in real-time as leads are then automatically delivered to the right places and people, with the correct information.

All of these factors result in increased conversion rates at every stage, ultimately leading to accelerated revenue and transforming your ability to attribute event spend to end results.

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Increase visibility and accountability

The Integrate Events dashboard provides your teams with a powerful view of event results in real-time. They’ll be able to get an instant overview of how many leads have been collected, by who and when.

Our reporting functionality ensures dramatically increased visibility and accountability for every event, ultimately leading to more data-driven analysis and decisions on event spend for future events. Finally, you can analyse the success of your events - just like the rest of your marketing channels.

Secure, compliant data collection

Integrate Events equips your team to comply with global data regulations, including GDPR, across your event lead capture process. Take control of the data you’re collecting, the configuration of your opt-in, and include any privacy statements or terms & conditions as required. All leads are stamped with metadata to provide a further system of record for any future audit or data request purposes.

See the Integrate Events Security page for more information.

Your Events, Sales and Marketing, Connected

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Set up lead capture forms and integrations before the event

Streamline your event preparation with one tool to use at all your events. Set up your lead capture process ahead of time, without needing to rely on hired tools and technology like badge scanners.

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A universal lead capture tool to use at all your events

Create fully branded, customisable lead capture forms. Ask the questions that matter to your business, so you get the information you need from people your reps meet at events.

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Connect with your existing technology stack

Automatically sync leads connected at events into your CRM or Marketing Automation software, so you spend less time typing up leads, and your sales team can follow-up faster.

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Make data-driven decisions on future events

See how your events are going, even when you're not there. Get real-time and post-event data to understand your events performance. Measure event ROI and prove the value of your events.

Integrate Events integrates with the tools you use every day

Manage all your leads in one place. Connect Integrate Events with your existing solutions and integrate event leads into your sales and marketing workflows.

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Customer Success Stories

See how marketing and sales teams use Integrate Events to capture, process and
follow-up with leads at events.

The beauty of Integrate Events is its simplicity at every stage, from the initial set up of event forms, integration with back end CRM systems, and capturing data at events. With Integrate Events, you take a picture of the business card and it feeds directly into Salesforce."
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Dan Banderet
Event Marketing Manager,
Integrate Events has meant 99% accurate lead collection at every event, big or small, and put all of our leads in one place, ready for prompt post-event action.”
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Profile image of Hilary
Hilary Latham
Head of Marketing Services,
Promega UK
Integrate Events makes it easier for me to keep track of the lead generation process, it makes our sales team look more professional, and makes it easy for me to make sure our reps follow-up promptly after a trade show.”
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Profile image of Yan Liu
Yan Liu
Marketing Communication Specialist,
Bruker Nano Surfaces