Considering Alternatives?

Advice on assessing the market and finding the right solution for you.

We get it. You’re doing your research, learning about the options and wanting to make an informed decision on the right Event Lead Management solution for you and your business.‍

As with every interaction you have with our team, we’re here to help.

So, if you’re looking at alternatives and assessing the market, here’s our guide to what you should be considering, the key questions you should be asking, and why we (obviously!) believe you should look no further than Integrate Events.

#1 People: getting to know who you're working with

What to look for when assessing your options
A warm welcome from our global, world-class, people-centred team; we’re committed to helping you be successful at all your events.
  • Our dedicated Customer Success team are based across North America and in Europe.
  • A personalized onboarding service for you and your team - helping you get setup for your first events, while empowering you to self-manage the platform.
  • You’ll have an assigned Customer Success Manager on hand throughout the duration of your contract.
  • For Enterprise customers, we can also provide on-site support at your major shows.
  • Our services are highly praised and recommended by customers - they’ve rated us 5/5 on Capterra for Customer Support
  • For technical help in the moment, our dedicated North American & European Support team are here for you, when you need us.
Identify what level of customer services and support you can expect to receive - and who would be gearing you up for success.
  • How big is their Customer Success and Support operation?
  • Where are they based? Will you be getting local support and waiting hours for them to wake up?
  • What does the onboarding phase include? How are you set up for success and what does that process involve?
  • How are you supported if things don’t go to plan with capturing leads at your event?
  • Are there any hidden costs or fees associated with their Support?
  • Will they join your teams on-site at your most important, strategic events?
Our offering at Integrate Events

#2 Product: equipping your team for success at events

Our offering at Integrate Events
What to look for when assessing your options
A cloud-based, self-serve solution that gives you control over your team’s event experience and lead management.
Does it take care of yours and your team’s needs?
  • Setup for events with ease; configure and customize - from short, simple forms to complex lead flows with dynamic fields and logic.
  • Manage your team’s access to the mobile app, add new users and send login credentials.
  • See leads flow into your systems and confirm success during your event.
  • Assess the performance of your events to begin understanding ROI.
  • Upload a list of expected attendees so that you can check them in to your hosted events.
  • What operating systems are supported?
  • What devices are supported?
  • Does the interface look easy to navigate, simple and attractive?
  • Can you imagine your in-the-field team using it with ease?
  • Can you pause, view and edit leads in real-time within the mobile app?
  • Are you forced to submit and unable to edit later? Sales Reps don’t like this!
  • Ask about their commitment to the design and development of user experience and new value-adding features.
  • Ask what feedback they receive from app users; do they know what’s being said about the in-the-field experience - and is it positive?
A mobile app designed for busy teams on the show floor; the best experience that your team will love.
How much control is in your hands?
  • Capture leads at events and in the field with our mobile app:
    - iOS and Android
    - Tablet and mobile
    - Online and offline modes
    - Compatible with the full range of QR, barcodes and NF
    badge reading functionalities
  • An intuitive, user friendly experience that aids your team on the show floor.
  • Add qualifying information to ensure that your opportunity is marketable and ready for follow-up.
  • Check attendees in to your events and capture new walk-ins.
  • Can you setup, edit and manage your event forms?
  • Or, do you need the vendor to make changes for you per-event?
  • Can you customize the form appearance? Does that cost extra?
  • Can you manage your team’s access to the app?
Best-in-class business card transcription.
What processes sit behind data capture methods?
  • Our automated business card transcription service is fully GDPR compliant (the details of which you can read in our security centre) and from an accuracy perspective is best-in-class.
  • Customers and in-the-field teams are happy, and actively advocate using Integrate Events.
  • Teams champion the use of Integrate Events; we invest in delivering great user experience design and we listen to users’ product feedback.
  • 4-out-of-5 app users say they enjoy using the mobile app at their events.
  • Taking security and stability seriously.
  • Investing in robust security features and improvements to our technical infrastructure.
  • For business card transcription, tools that solely rely on OCR technology will deliver significantly lower results in terms of accuracy.
    - Your already busy teams on the show-floor will need to carry out Quality Assurance, or worse still send inaccurate lead data into your systems.

  • For those that offer human transcription, are you assured that the process is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant?
    - Identify the vendors behind the service and their geographical location.
    - For example, tools using FullContact or Amazon Mechanical Turk’s public marketplace service cannot provide full GDPR and CCPA compliance due to the fact these platforms have little control over who is doing the transcription or where it’s taking place.

#3 Integrations: connecting platforms to get leads in and out fast

Event Management and Registration Vendors for badge scanning
What to look for when assessing your options
Connect with the world’s leading Event Management & Registration systems for real-time badge scanning & lead retrieval.
  • Direct integrations with the APIs of over 50+ Event Management and Registration providers. This enables your teams to scan QR codes, barcodes & NFC chips on badges with the mobile app and retrieve attendee data in real-time.
  • Our Partnerships & Alliances team, together with the influence of our customer base, means we continue to drive changes in the industry at a pace with API integrations becoming increasingly prevalent and easier.
How does badge scanning work and what’s involved in the setup?
  • Check how many integrations they have with Event Management and/or Registration vendors. There are lots on the market - so the more, the better here.
  • Check what is really meant by ‘integrations’ - do they connect fully with APIs? You want this to be the case, because that’s what enables real-time data retrieval.
  • Watch out for offerings that are in fact ‘post-event reconciliation’ services. Data reconciliation means you’ll just receive a spreadsheet of attendee data after the event, which requires a lot of manual work to consolidate.
  • Do they have dedicated teams focused on connecting the event landscape? From both a partnerships perspective and within Customer Success and Engineering teams?
Our offering at Integrate Events

Marketing Automation & CRM platforms
Streamline your MarTech stack for a highly customized, joined-up lead management experience.
Explore what functionality is available to you through out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Save time and be more efficient with unified, automated data flows; standardised across input methods to send clean and intelligent data directly into your marketing systems.
  • Map form fields to those in your Marketing Automation and CRM platforms to ensure seamless data transfer from your events.
  • Tap into the power of your martech; with authenticated integrations with Integrate Orchestrate, Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Explore the world of Marketing Orchestration; build richer customer profiles that enable more personalised, effective marketing activities.
  • Get more with Integrate Orchestrate; send your lead data through advanced processing features to get even better lead data, through:
    - Enrichment
    - Standardization
    - Validation
    - Compliance
  • For more customization options in your lead capture setup, use our development API.
  • Do their integrations enable you to authenticate with your martech platforms? Authentication provides a high level of security and functionality.
  • Can you map the fields from your lead capture form to those in your martech?

  • Will it help you excel as a modern B2B marketer?

  • Does the company have the foresight to keep up with an evolving, transitioning market?
  • What’s the complete offering and how can it help you take your marketing activities to the next level as a whole?

#4 Pricing: plans that scale with your business

What to look for when assessing your options
Transparent, easy to understand subscription packages.
  • An annual SaaS subscription, with no hidden costs.
  • Our optional extras are minimal. Packages have been designed so that your team is equipped for every aspect of event lead capture.
Watch out for the hidden costs.
  • Be sure to ask about the cost of:
    - Managing and customizing your own lead capture forms.
    - Onboarding and ongoing support - what’s included?
    - Business card transcription? Does non-English language transcription come at an extra cost?
    - Fees included for connecting to the event lead retrieval system for badge scanning?
    - Integrations with your Marketing Automation and/or CRM system?
    - Overages, such as additional app users, licenses, devices and events?
Our offering at Integrate Events

#5 Company credentials: picking a partner that's right for you

Our people
Our offering at Integrate Events
What to look for when assessing your options
  • Following the acquisition of Akkroo by Integrate, our global team is now approaching 300 people across the US and Europe.
  • The dedicated Events team consists of ~60 people who deeply understand the unique challenges presented by events environments, and are solely focused on driving the Events business forward.
  • Our team in numbers:
    - Global team ~300
    - Events-specialists ~60
    - Customer Success ~80
    - Product development team ~60
  • Research how big the business is and where they are located. Are they spread thinly with a handful of folk doing multiple things?
  • At the other end of the scale, consider how focused the team is. Is their offering just one ‘tool’ amongst hundreds of others?
  • LinkedIn company profiles can be a useful source to understand a company, such as the number of employees.

  • We build products and services solely for B2B mid-market
    and enterprise organizations, who are digitally mature and invested in Marketing Automation and CRM.
  • Do their customers match your profile?
  • Watch out for mixtures of B2B, B2C and Agencies - they have very different requirements and are likely to lead to a watered down product offering

Business and Funding
  • Akkroo had raised funding of $3M prior to acquisition. Integrate is a VC-backed scale-up that has raised ~$80M to date and is heavily investing in our customers, our teams and our products.
  • Has the business has raised any funding - and are they set up for the long term?
  • Are they invested in engineering and development resources, as well as customer success and support?